Help Cuba Travel

Help Cuba Travel

Americans who want to travel to Cuba have to go through quite a bit to ensure their travel is legal. If you want to go to Cuba, here's how you can do it.

President Obama has relived some of the red tape Americans have to go through to legally visit Cuba, but it still involves a great deal of planning, paperwork, and waiting. If you're planning a trip to Cuba, you need to start months in advance. Sure, you could travel to the country illegally, but when you come home, you face a quite hefty fine, which isn't really worth it compared to the process required to travel legally.

There are two licenses available for travel to Cuba: General and Specific.

Travel under a general license is the easiest way to go because you do not have to ask the government for permission, but you may have to show documentation to prove why you are going.

Family visits and most other activities fall under a general license. Full time journalists can use a general license. Freelancers, with a proven publication history, must travel under a specific license. Humanitarian work and study abroad programs are also required to have a specific license.

Americans can also purchase travel services from an approved USA or Canadian travel agency designed for this purpose. This is another form of legal American travel to Cuba.

CBS News: American Travel to Cuba

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